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Overview of other master projects Economics of innovation: introduction Assignment week 1 Assignment week 2 Assignment week 3 Assignment week 4 Assignment week 5 Assignment week 6 Creative programming Challenge 1 Reflection 1 Challenge 2 Reflection 2 Data Acquisition and Visualization through Embodied Sensors Final report Reflection retake User-centered Design Final report User Experience Theory […]

Workwalk and Hub My pre-master, M12, M21 and final master projects Most of the work I have done during this master was in the context of the Workwalk and Hub. Because of my extensive efforts to learn more about walking meetings, their benefits, disadvantages, opportunities and risks, I’ve been able to develop many skills on […]

Taprova In the course ‘Designing user interfaces with emerging technologies’, I have worked on a design called Taprova with two fellow students. Taprova is a design addressing the challenges that novices face when starting to learn programming. The design consisted of four tangible user interfaces that represent the variables ‘string’, ‘integer’, ‘float’ and ‘boolean’ of […]

The Knot The briefing of this project came from Novo Nordisk, a pharmaceutical company interested to learn more about how data might enable a higher level of care, while lessening the burden of living with type 2 diabetes. The scope evolved around better diet and exercise, which allowed us to focus our research on those […]

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