“Maybe the answer is to use design to highlight the interplay between focus and openness, instead of transforming everything to calm technology…”

Professional identity & vision

Where design should be headed

Structured, enterprising, ambitious, curious, business-oriented, generalist, planner… All words I have used to describe myself as a designer and videographer over the past couple of years. Right now, I would describe myself as someone that wants to create structure and clarity for myself and others. I want to make finding information, making decisions, doing work or achieving goals a little bit easier and utilise design to create a calm, safe space to have fun, excel and to focus on what matters to you.

During my master’s, I have touched on subjects like calm technology and the interaction-attention continuum. Usually with the idea that less is better. Fewer stimuli, less distraction, less intrusive images and sounds… I more than ever believe that design should disappear into the background, and only appear when it serves great function. However sometimes, more is better, as long as we are able to filter and process the information handed to us. Especially when I learned about the beauty of serendipity, I saw how external factors can be used to lead to something positive. Maybe the answer is to highlight the interplay between focus and openness, and to stop highlighting and fighting the existing chaos that all products and impulses around us result in. And instead, utilise design to set people up for a mindset that is ready to process all of the stimuli, inspiration and great stories that the world has to offer.

Expertise areas

My understanding of our work

  1. To me, business and entrepreneurship is about connecting with stakeholders, clients and target groups while pushing boundaries, seeing or creating opportunities, and making (innovative) products viable. 
  2. To me, creativity and aesthetics regards storytelling, newness and small twists to existing ideas or products. I believe it is about the form, appearance, function and interaction that form the complete design. 
  3. To me, math, data and computing refers to (tools that empower) data collection and analysation with validity and depth. 
  4. To me, technology and realization entails gathering information and bringing ideas to life by means of prototypes, probes and research artefacts.
  5. To me, user and society concerns using listening skills and empathy to understand and translate the needs and wishes of target groups. I also think it’s about anticipation regarding effects towards individuals, communities and everything that surrounds that / them. 

Final reflection

Core development, final master project and future steps

Especially during this last semester, I’ve found new confidence in my design processes, research and design choices, demonstration skills and professional identity and vision. The break I’ve had between executing and finishing my project has helped me in this confidence, by giving me the opportunity to look and reflect with fresh eyes. Through the process of my entire master trajectory and by looking back on my, in my own opinion, less successful M21 project, I have learned how to use literature and methods as a driver for next steps in the process. Especially in my M21 I found it difficult to find the common thread, while the process of this M22 graduation project went much smoother and in a more logical way. As a result, I felt very relaxed during my final master project, despite being challenged by trying out new methods or, for example, when I was recruiting participants on the High Tech Campus.

I have found that calm technology is a design-related expression of my ideological vision of the world. I would love it if people feel a sense of belonging, as I have personally experienced how that can make us as humans accelerate. I want people to feel like they are in the right place, supported by the people and products in their environment. I believe unnecessary struggles and stimuli are often just distractions and an attention and energy leak, which is reflected in my interest in calm technology. However, our environment also has great things to offer, as I elaborate on in my graduation project.

Now that I am looking for a job, I want to feel relaxed in my role and at the company, but I also want to be challenged, just as I have experienced the past semester at the university. I prefer to work on projects that deal with, for example, a social problem or addresses a topic such as sustainability. It could also be that one day I will go into education, in order to allow my aspirations regarding creating a sense of belonging and living up to one’s potential to blossom.

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