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Overview of other master projects Economics of innovation: introduction Assignment week 1 Assignment week 2 Assignment week 3 Assignment week 4 Assignment week 5 Assignment week 6 Creative programming Challenge 1 Reflection 1 Challenge 2 Reflection 2 Data Acquisition and Visualization through Embodied Sensors Final report Reflection retake User-centered Design Final report User Experience Theory […]

Workwalk and Hub My pre-master, M12, M21 and final master projects Most of the work I have done during this master was in the context of the Workwalk and Hub. Because of my extensive efforts to learn more about walking meetings, their benefits, disadvantages, opportunities and risks, I’ve been able to develop many skills on […]

Timcon In this project, I learned about studying abstract phenomena by using design for research. We elaborated on the side effects and the convenience of smart home products in the context of future everyday life. Our hypothesis was that there is an inevitable relationship between time and convenience when it comes to smart home products […]

Toothstory In collaboration with Philips and fellow student Rooske van Loon, I analysed an existing dataset for patterns in the toothbrushing customs of families. After ideating, creating and testing two prototypes, we found that our concept using interactive storytelling positively influenced children’s personal oral healthcare. The concept consisted of an Alexa skill where family members […]

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